Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

Help Plan a Zero Wasting Plan for California

A volunteer group of CRRA GRC members – including the ZWUSA board and staff, are leading an effort to develop a crowd sourced Zero Wasting Plan for California. In 2017, two workshops (posters) and two webinars (ppts – March 23 and June 15) (March 23 MP3 and June 15 YouTube) were conducted and additional activities and events are being planned.

Here is the description of the June 15 Webinar:

Brought to you by the Global Recycling Council of California Resource Recovery Association and Zero Waste Brain Trust, an initiative of Zero Waste USA.

California is leading the world in fighting climate change and modeling a sustainable future. Help keep that leadership going by taking part in the development of a Zero Wasting Plan for California! Join us in building upon the results of the December Workshops in Burbank and Oakland and the March webinar. So far at least 114 people have taken part! All of the CRRA Technical Councils have been invited to provide input. Webinar services provided by the National Recycling Coalition.