Civic and environmental organizations, small businesses, local agencies and local officials may obtain free technical assistance on wasting, recycling, reuse and composting policies and programs. Recycling Cornucopia examples include:

  • Analysis of current wasting and recycling system
  • Identify policies, programs and enterprises that pave the way to Zero Waste
  • Identify sources of local, state and national funding for planning, organizing and implementation
  • Link local activists with regional and national networks of Zero Waste communities
  • Train organized citizens in Zero Waste analysis and research

If your community and/or organization would like to be considered as a Recycling Cornucopia Project please complete this form (I/P). Plan to provide your name, the name of your organization and location. Briefly describe the Zero Waste challenge you are facing: a proposed incinerator, an existing incinerator, a proposed mega landfill, poor recycling, reuse and composting programs that need to be improved, how to access federal infrastructure investment funding, or developing a Zero Waste Plan and Implementation Schedule.

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