Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

Zero Waste Business Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in being certified as a Zero Waste Business by Zero Waste USA, the national affiliate of the Zero Waste International Alliance (ZWIA).

Please use this 3-STEP PROCESS to organize pertinent information before applying for formal certification. It can also be used to initialize a Zero Waste program long before you are ready to apply for certification. Questions and comments may be entered in Section C. of the form and/or sent to

1)  PREP FORM: Use this form to organize the required information. In Section A. enter general information about your business and summarize your Zero Waste approach and issues. In Section B. document ZWIA MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS, in Section C. enter comments and questions. Also, when ready, attach a completed ICI CHECKLIST – which inventories high diversion and Zero Waste policies, programs and facilities and ICI DIVERTABILITY ANALYSIS – which documents and evaluates solid waste data.

2)    LETTER: Prepare a letter signed by the CEO, Regional Manager, Facility Manager or appropriate official, requesting certification and stating that the applicant – facility, region or corporation will adhere to the ZWIA ZERO WASTE BUSINESS PRINCIPLES.

3)    APPLICATION: Request a LOG-IN, complete the web application, attach form, request letter and pay FEES.


How Low Can You Go (pdf)

Prep Form (doc)

Checklist (xls)

Diverability Analysis (xls)

Right-sizing collection containers and schedules (ppt)

CalRecycle Waste Characterization Business Group Streams

Volume-to-weight conversions – CalRecycle, EPA