Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

Community Recognition and Certification

The Zero Waste USA Community Recognition Program pages will be posted in the near future. It, like the GRRN Business Recognition Program initiated in 2012 and put on hold in 2013, is based on ZWIA Business Principles which the GRRN board adopted in toto in 2005.

These Principles establish the commitment to achieve Zero Waste and offer criteria by which workers, investors, customers, suppliers, policymakers and the public can assess the resource efficiency of an entity. They are summarized below and can be found on this page and the ZWIA website. (Thanks to Wikipedia for providing definitions for some of the linked items.)

  • Commitment to the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit
  • Use the Precautionary Principle – Do No Harm
  • Zero Waste to landfill or incineration
  • Responsibility: Takeback products and packaging
  • Buy reused, recycled & composted
  • Prevent pollution and reduce waste
  • Highest and best use
  • Use economic incentives for customers, workers and suppliers
  • Products or services sold are not wasteful or toxic 
  • Use non-toxic production, reuse and recycling processes