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IZW On-Line Class Resources 2021 09 25

Thank you for taking the September 2021 Introduction To Zero Waste On-line Class!

A. Here are the class Slides (pdf) and Resources (pdf) for your review. Please do not share them with others.

B. To receive a Certification of Completion, you please fill out the Evaluation.

C. The video is in editing. More on that soon.

Interested in learning more?

The next Certification Series will start in March or April, 2022. Registration will be set up soon. In the meantime, consider mining the website, starting with the Tool Kit. Also, check out the National Zero Waste Conference.


National Zero Waste Conference 2021

The National Zero Waste Conference is the annual two-day virtual educational and networking event organized by Zero Waste USA in partnership with the National Recycling Coalition. Zero Waste Business will be the focus on Wednesday, December 8 and Zero Waste Communities on Thursday, December 9.

The Program has been posted. Please register today!

To learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Alec Cooley at

Curso introductorio a Zero Waste

Introduction to Zero Waste in Spanish, July 7, 2021

Zero Waste USA is pleased to offer our introductory course in Spanish in collaboration with Alianza Zero Waste Costa Rica, a national affiliate of the Zero Waste International Alliance. Join us for this special course, which will cover the theoretical and practical foundations of Zero Waste, case studies and practical solutions. Taught by Elena Mateo and Annemarie Sauter-Echeverria of Alianza Zero Waste Costa Rica. Participants that pass the open-book exam receive a certificate of completion signed by the instructors. Details


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