Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste


National Zero Waste Conference 2021

The National Zero Waste Conference is the annual two-day virtual educational and networking event organized by Zero Waste USA in partnership with the National Recycling Coalition. Zero Waste Business will be the focus on Wednesday, December 8 and Zero Waste Communities on Thursday, December 9.

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Join Zero Waste USA at the New Living Expo, San Mateo, 4/27 and 28!

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The New Living Expo is a revolutionary event focusing on the alternative movers and shakers of our time. It features a myriad of speakers, workshops, classes, panels and special events, all designed to excite, enlighten and motivate.

Panel: Today’s Recycling Challenges and How You Can Make a Difference!

The SF Bay Area leads the nation in recycling and waste diversion innovation. Yet a San Francisco Estuary Institute study found our Bay has some of the highest concentrations of plastic pollution of any major U.S. body of water. Where’s the disconnect? What can we do to shift individuals and businesses into better consumption habits? How are recycling programs addressing the impact of China’s recent limits on recyclables? Why is Zero Waste the answer?

Saturday, 4/27, 11am-6pm, Panel Discussion, Room 7
Today’s Recycling Challenges and How You Can Make a Difference
11:00am, Ruth Abbe, Save The Albatross Coalition and Save Our Seas Coalition
Plastic Pollution and You!
11:10am, Portia Sinnott, Zero Waste Action – Sonoma County and Zero Waste USA
The Impacts of China’s National Sword
11:20am, Jessica Jane Robinson, Miss Alameda Says, “Compost!” and Resilience
Motivating Small Business To Change
11:30am, Laurenteen Brazil, City of Cerrito
Do It Your Self – At Home, School and Church
11:40am, Arthur Boone, Center for Recycling Research
Strategies to Prevent Orphan Products
11:50am, Nik Balachandran, Zabble Inc.
Waste Less – At Restaurants and in the Workplace
12:00pm, Julia Lang, Downtown Streets Team
Unhoused Volunteers Cleaning Up The Community
12:10pm, Inter-Panel Discussion
1:00-3:00pm, Breakout Sessions, Zero Waste Area, West Hall
3:00-6:00pm, Zero Waste Curious Presentations, Waste Reduction and Recycling Exhibits and GamesSunday, 4/28, 12-4pm, Zero Waste Area, West Hall
Zero Waste Curious Presentations, Waste Reduction, Reuse and Recycling Exhibits and Games