Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste

ZWA Certification

Zero Waste USA is seeking communities to host ZWA Series. The class meets once a month for 3 months. Using our host jurisdiction as an example, we evaluate existing policies, programs and social infrastructures and identify local service voids. We then discuss opportunities for moving forward to pursue high diversion and Zero Waste. For more information, please visit Upcoming Classes, read the Class Descriptions and then contact Portia Sinnott.

Zero Waste Associate Certification Program (ZWA)

Would you like to be formally trained to support communities in embracing and achieving Zero Waste?

Become a certified Zero Waste Community Associate!

The series is designed for resource management professionals, municipal staff, service providers, job seekers and students. These classes:

  • Introduce participants to the state of the art in high diversion and Zero Waste.
  • Teach them how to assess a community, businesses or project’s current status.
  • Provide tools to identify appropriate next steps and subsequent steps.
  • Explore and discuss model outreach, case studies and plans to better understand how a entity’s limitations, priorities and preferences shape their plans and results.
  • Provide the structure for a sample Zero Waste Plan for a community, business or project.

Successful completion of one introductory class and both advanced classes – attendance, coursework, projects and exams, earns Zero Waste USA Zero Waste Associate (ZWA) Certification. Students with a proven grasp of the subject may take an exam in lieu of taking Class 1.

Benefits include networking opportunities, up-to-date information, professional credibility and preparation for greater responsibilities.

Zero Waste USA certified 20 students in the 2017 series sponsored by the San Francisco Department of the Environment. Many of the cadre have moved up to more responsible positions competing the series. Thanks to our speakers – SFE Zero Waste senior staff especially Kevin Drew, Derek Crutchfield, City of Vallejo and Karen Irwin, USEPA Region 9.

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