Inspiring Communities to Embrace and Achieve Zero Waste



Eight Steps To Becoming A Zero Waste Community – Introduction

Zero Waste International Alliance

The Zero Waste Approach to Resource Management, Solid Waste Engineering: A Global Perspective, SI Edition, Richard Anthony, ZWIA, Cenage Learning, 2017

Story of Stuff

Zero Waste Europe

Zero Waste for Zero Warming, GAIA – The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives

GBCI TRUE Zero Waste

OUTREACHConnett P Zero Waste Solution 2013

America Recycles Day

Recycle New Mexico Don’t Be  Zombie Campaign


Eco-Cycle Zero Waste Hub

MassDEP Waste Reduction Toolkit – ZW Module, 2014

Twelve Master Categories, Urban Ore, Inc.

CalRecycle Zero Waste Pages and/or your state’s relevant pages

The Zero Waste Solution Website, Untrashing the Planet One Community at a Time, Paul Connett, Chelsea Publishing, 2013, (At least read the previews and perhaps watch some of the videos)

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Sonoma County 2018 (pdfs): Resolution Request, Sample Resolution and Initiative Suggestions




Baltimore’s Fair Development Plan for Zero Waste  (44 pages)

Fort Collins, CO: Zero Waste Pages,  Climate Action Plan (56 pages) and Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan: On the Road to Zero Waste (43 pages)

Austin Resource Recovery Zero Waste Pages


Castro Valley Sanitary District: Zero Waste Pages  and Zero Waste Strategic Plan (92+ pages)

San Francisco: Zero Waste Pages and Zero Waste Plan  (5 pages)

Los Angeles: Sustainable City Plan (pLAn) (pages 1-12 and 41 – 46) and Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan (SWIRP) Pages

Los Angeles Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan (650 pages)

City of Alameda Zero Waste Implementation Plan (125 pages)

Mountain View Zero Waste Pages, Zero Waste Plan (xx pages) and Characterization Study 2019 (xx pages)

Palo Alto Zero Waste Operational Plan (196 pages)

Austin Resource Recovery Zero Waste Pages

Oceanside Zero Waste Strategic Resource Management Plan (133 pages)


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