If your community and/or organization would like to be considered as a Recycling Cornucopia Project please complete this form (I/P). Plan to provide your name, the name of your organization and location. Briefly describe the Zero Waste challenge you are facing: a proposed incinerator, an existing incinerator, a proposed mega landfill, poor recycling, reuse and composting programs that need to be improved, how to access federal infrastructure investment funding, or developing a Zero Waste Plan and Implementation Schedule.

Ten communities were selected for the 2022-2023 Recycling Cornucopia Program including:



Montgomery County

Close the Dickerson Incinerator



Prepare Zero Waste Plan, work with city to implement plan



Close the HERC incinerator


Warren County

Direct marketing of materials to regional mills to earn mill prices and not pay processing fees to save rural counties money

Central AppalachiaOhio, West Virginia, KentuckyImplementing Zero Waste businesses and programs throughout the region

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